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What's the difference between the Member and Affiliate platforms?

Both platforms are built on essentially the same advanced IT infrastructure.

The Member platform provides all the functionality needed to run an effective program with a modest level of provider-patient interaction.

The Affiliate platform offers additional functionality that is key for an established weight management program. This includes extensive capabilities for intervention, interaction and streamlined management of the program itself.

Is a personalized web portal included with both platforms?

Absolutely. For providers, this is a key advantage of our program.

This practice-branded portal — which is also the provider connection to the SetPoint Platform — provides you with a distinct identity to promote/expand your practice and build patient loyalty.

It's a powerful opportunity to add value to the provider-patient relationship, which enhances program outcomes, heightens patient satisfaction and encourages word-of-mouth referrals.

Do you provide training and marketing support?

Yes, on both counts.

SetPoint Health will provide comprehensive training for your staff to help your practice maximize all of the elements of our comprehensive program and robust platform.

We will also provide your practice with key marketing materials — both printed and web-based — to help you promote the program to your base of existing and prospective patients.

Do you also market directly to consumers?

No. All of our SetPoint Health marketing efforts are focused on physician/provider practices. We feel this is more appropriate, considering the evidence-based nature of our programs, platforms and products.

Our alignment with provider-directed weight management also adds substantial value to the SetPoint Health mission.

What is your commission and payment structure?

Simply stated, your practice will earn a 15% commission for any programs or products purchased by patients you've referred and/or engaged.

Your practice portal includes an e-commerce section where we credit these commissions directly to your online account.

What if my patients happen to buy products through your consumer site?

Our policy on this is clear: Any patient who enrolls with SetPoint Health through your practice is considered to be your patient for life.

If any of your patients should find their way to our consumer site, you'll still receive a commission on whatever programs or products they buy — which will be credited to your online account.

Our pricing structure is also strategically designed to offer no advantage to a consumer to circumvent their provider by buying directly from our site.

Many programs have online tools. Why are yours better?

Since pre-packaged foods are the heart of most programs, their online tools tend to be a feature that is just nice to have. At SetPoint Health, our tools are so essential to the program, they effectively are the program.

These easy-to-use tools for planning and monitoring play an active role in the patients' day — helping them to assimilate crucial skills for lasting lifestyle change.

Our flexible and customizable tools can also be assimilated into their lives as they see fit.

How much access do patients have to your online tools and SetPoint Advisors?

Your patients will have unlimited access to both our interactive online tools and SetPoint Advisors for as long as they participate in a SetPoint Health program.

Patients can schedule appointments with SetPoint advisors at times that work best with their personal, family and work schedules.

Are SetPoint Advisors licensed as counselors?

While SetPoint Advisors are fluent in the usage and advantages of our programs, platform, tools and resources, they are not licensed counselors.

However, we do offer more in-depth counseling and advisory services.

Details can be found in the Programs section of this site.

How rigid is the program for the patient?

Our programs are designed to allow some leeway for personal freedom from the outset. This is a major difference between SetPoint Health and competing programs.

The SetPoint Goal phase begins with a more structured approach in order to establish a new, healthy eating and lifestyle structure.

In the SetPoint Maintenance phase, patients gain a great deal of personal freedom and flexibility — as new behaviors become an intuitive part of their daily lives.

What if a patient leaves the program and needs to come back?

Our goal is truly to be a resource for life.

We realize that even though someone has made progress in the past, once they leave the program their life circumstances often get in the way.

If the patient wishes, we'll keep his/her account and program information archived on our server indefinitely. This enables patients to return to SetPoint Health occasionally, should they feel the need to get back on the program for extra structure and support.

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